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Do you have a website, YouTube channel, or social networking profile like Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp? If yes you should have come across many links right?

And you also must have shared many links, be it a news or a super cool promotion, but never paid for it, at most received a "Thanks for the tip"

Well, have you thought about making money with links in a simple and easy way, allowing you to monetize your digital projects by earning an extra income or even good money through social networks?

The strategy

The strategy to be used in social networks is to make your links become viral. For this, you need creativity to post links that your friends are interested in sharing with the contacts. Usually links that achieve this viral effect are related to promotions of companies where the reader can win something, news never seen and mainly related to humor or news related to celebrities. We're tired of watching youtube videos that pop up on the internet and reach hundreds of thousands of views in a single day. Look for the viral effect, it can bring you very high yields.

​Step by step

Step 1: Choose a (true) news on sites or news portals.

Step 2: In your Face or your fan page write the title of the news followed by summary of the content, do not forget the image.

Step 3: In your cutlinks account, shorten the link to the site where the news is posted then paste the short link in your post and post.

View practice: http://cutlinks.net/TTxEfYh

You can do the same on your other social networks! People will share your posts and you'll get thousands of clicks!

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